Need to arrange a party for a really special occasion and don’t know where to start? Organisation is the key to make hosting simple and stress-free! You’ll be able to host any kind of party by using the following 9 tips & strategy to get the best private functions:

private venue

Start planning early

Decide what type of party you want, followed by the logistics – the date, time, and theme. Once you’ve got that sorted you can look for a suitable bar or restaurant.

Research venues

Look for private rooms, large communal tables, or multiple rooms with separate drinking areas! Visit those on your short list to get the feel of the space before you make your final decision.

Meet the managers

Set up a meeting to discuss details of your event and find out what you need permission for. Remember that venues have to comply with health and safety regulations.

Know the numbers

Have a firm idea of who will be actually attending by getting replies to your invites. Tell the team how many people you’re expecting so staff can be prepared.

Design the menu

Every party is unique but you need to be aware of the profile of your group and plan the menu to fit into daytime, afternoon, or evening sessions. You may want to hire a pro-cook for perfect recipes!

Decorate the space

Choose black and white colour schemes for holiday events, or flower walls for a more casual approach. For seasonal events select pumpkins, Christmas lights, or boards painted in festive colours. Get the fun factor by adding balloons and ribbons.

Use trending ideas for venue themes

If you’re hosting a party with clients that enjoy really getting involved then opt for lumberjack, pyjamas, or after ski themes and tailor the menus to suit the event!

Communicate with the staff

Make sure staff know of any changes on the day such as the need for vegan dishes or additional guests just calling in. Keeping them informed will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Be a good host

As you’re responsible for the party you’ll need to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Offer them drinks and a seat and explain where the cloakroom and toilet facilities are.

Hiring a small function room

Search online for ideal small function rooms designed for special celebrations and hosting dining and bar functions. Choose those that offer indoor and outdoor space options, with staff providing a friendly and efficient service, dedicated to making your function the most memorable ever!

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