Small Function Rooms to hire – Samson’s Paddock, Perth WA

Welcome to Samson’s Paddock, 4 unique spaces make this venue the ideal setting for every occasion and size of function. From formal to casual we have a space to suit. Our historic building was built in the 1880’s, come and enjoy rustic décor, three fireplaces and beautiful two-tiered alfresco dining in our garden. We offer amazing share dishes, an incredible selection of wine and beer and of course, the best whisky list in Perth. Our kitchen is delivering fine dining quality dishes, in a very relaxed style. You will feel right at home.

Looking for the optimal place to satisfy your needs for functions in Mosman Park? Seek no further. With a touch of excellence, our truly unique venue and an awe-inspiring atmosphere guarantee to cater to any of your special occasion needs. Whatever the occasion, you can trust our highly-qualified staff to deliver excellence – you can never go wrong with booking your functions with us. But why trust words? Let us prove you so, contact us today!


Whether you are gathering a small group of guests for a private birthday party or planning family events and even wedding celebrations, Samson’s Paddock is the ideal choice of venue.


Apart from being an excellent choice for private events, Samson’s Paddock also accommodates the ideal setting for corporate events – from staff training to Christmas parties, our ultimate goal is to provide perfection.

Depending on service, period and season we offer you a choice of 4 separate areas or to book the entire venue please – please ask your event coordinator to check availability.

Function Rooms

Here in Samson’s Paddock, we believe that less is more – our small function rooms defiantly prove so! Small is elegant, small adds an intimate touch to your special occasion. Packed within a cordial atmosphere and elegance, we offer you a range of 3 sensational function rooms to choose from!

Tue-Fr / Weekdays

If you would like to privatise an area you can do so

$Min. Spend $1,500/day

Sat-Sun / Weekends

If you would like to privatise an area you can do so

$Min. Spend $1,500/day

Bar Functions

Our bar area is the party zone – an eclectic mixture of finesse and relaxed atmosphere, it is truly a place where dreams meet reality.  At Samson’s Paddock, we pride ourselves in offering the ultimate bar functions in Perth.


Treat your guest’s taste buds with the best cocktails in town, take them on a sensual journey as they find themselves sitting in our lounge area near the cozy fireplace. The venue also boasts a sit down dining area. Our long table which seats 22 people is perfect for casual dining or just gathering for drinks. It’s the ideal place for informal, relaxed drinks/dinner functions and parties.

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Event Venue Ideas

Whatever your special occasion, Samson’s Paddock guarantees to deliver the ultimate special experience. Our small function rooms and bar are the ideal place for any type of event – from cozy family meetings, exquisite wedding proposals and corporate team-building /login activities to fun birthday parties. No matter the occasion – our promise to you is to deliver an exceptional experience and utmost quality!

Intimacy and a cozy atmosphere make the perfect recipe for any type of event, so hesitate no more and find the best small function rooms in Perth with Samson’s Paddock.