Ten years after the Swan Location 83 (where we are located today) was first allocated to new settlers in 1831, Lionel Samson purchased the title for the grand sum of 10 pounds. Samson began farming the land and it wasn’t long before people started calling it “Samson’s Paddock”.

With the land being perfectly positioned and Samson being quite the entrepreneur, Samson’s Paddock soon became a popular watering hole for both horseman and horse. Whilst their horses rested and took in some water, the men would pop in for a drink before continuing their journey.

Samson’s Paddock is a restaurant and bar located in Mosman Park. Come and join us for seasonal share plates and a refreshing beverage (or two).

Our Dishes

We offer a seasonal menu designed to be shared. Sourcing direct from the best available producers to your plate. The menu is balanced with vegetarian dishes and options to suit most dietary requirements. Our dishes are constantly evolving so there is always a reason to pop back in.

Our kitchen team is highly skilled and experienced; and  although we are a relaxed, casual dining venue – quality is never comprised and our mission is to make your visit a first class dining experience.

Whisky & Wine

Steak & Whisky Pairings

Our steak tasting board consists of the highest quality beef in Australia from the best producers. We offer a grass fed, grain fed, veal and wagyu 9+ beef paired with over 20 whiskies. With something for those new to the whisky drinking game through to the more experienced and refined palate – we have a pairing option for you to enjoy. Learn about and taste the best beef in Australia and the most sought after whisky from around the world.

Our Whisky List

Our list has grown to over 100 whiskies. New and old world, with blends and single origin – if its a quality drop we aim to have it on the list…if we don’t have what you’re after let us know!

All our whisky is served paired with a house made chocolate truffle, in a glencairn with a tumbler, rock and filtered water.

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