Welcome to Samson’s Paddock

Restaurant in Mosman Park

Our Story

Ten years after the Swan Location 83 (where we are located today) was first allocated to new settlers in 1831, Lionel Samson purchased the title for the grand sum of 10 pounds. Samson began farming the land and it wasn’t long before people started calling it “Samson’s Paddock”. With the land being perfectly positioned and Samson being quite the entrepreneur, Samson’s Paddock soon became a popular watering hole for both horseman and horse. Whilst their horses rested and took in some water, the men would pop in for a refreshing beverage (or two) before continuing their journey. Samson’s Paddock is a restaurant and bar located in Mosman Park. Come and join us for seasonal share plates and a refreshing beverage (or two).

Our Venue

Take a look at our food menu to see the Paddock kitchen’s latest flavourful offerings. Dive right into our Fish Moqueca. Relax with a small cheese selection to accompany your evening glass of wine. All of our ingredients are locally sourced to give our dishes the richest taste.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options


Though we love a good cut of meat, we always offer vegetarian options, and most of our lighter bites (you’ll find these in the “Lower Paddock” section of our menu) tend to be vegetarian-friendly. There’ll always be a selection of gluten-free options too. Whatever your tastes, the Paddock’s got you covered.


Small shares

Come and enjoy our tasty dishes perfect for any time with a glass of wine


Large shares

Feel free to share or enjoy on your own with a craft beer or two



The perfect finish to any evening with a desert wine or a selection from our extensive whiskey list

Beer, Wine and Whisky

Our Beers and Wines

Our resident beer and wine aficionado continues to expand Samson’s selection of tipples to include craft beers, ales, and wines from all over the world. Whether you’re dining with us this evening and fancy a recommendation to go with your food, or you’re simply out for a drink with friends and want to try something a little different, we’ll always be glad to help you navigate the bubbly depths of our extensive drinks lists.


Our Whiskys and Spirits

Thanks to our fascination with all things Whisky, the Paddock has an impressive selection of Scotland’s most famous export. As well as offerings from the regions in whisky’s home country, on our list you’ll find well-aged examples from places as far afield as Wales, Japan, and India.

Open 6 days a week

You are welcome to our restaurant from Tuesday to Sunday.

Beer garden

We've got a delightful beer garden where you can enjoy the sun and a cold drink.

Great transport links

Just 100m away from Mosman Park station.


We can host weddings, birthdays, or other special occasions for large and small groups. Visit our functions page more information.

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